Our Services

Data Entry/ Analysis & Research

  • Document preparation
  • Filling the forms and spreadsheets
  • Drafting of letters
  • Non-legal research
  • Collection and analysis of data
  • Document Formatting
  • Actual data entry into any system or document
  • Maintaining Records such as Bills & Receipts

Remote Paralegal Services

  • Legal Research
  • Preparation of closing documents in the purchase/sale of residential or commercial property
  • Preparation of leases, notices, and documents in landlord/tenant proceedings
  • Title Review
  • Preparation of closing statements, lease agreements, acquisition contracts, and all commercial space purchase/sales documents
  • Preparation of Real Estate Tax Opinion Letters
  • Draft Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions
  • Reviewing entity documents, including trusts, limited liability companies, limited partnerships and corporations for approval
  • Creation of custom mortgage closing and modification documents
  • Abstracting legal documents pertaining to real estate and construction
  • Construction contract drafting and review
  • Draft, review and facilitation of transactional ancillary loan documents to borrowers, lenders, and Escrow Agent
  • Filling out forms and applications to governmental agencies
  • Public record searches, including judgement, tax liens, and UCC filings

Property Management

  • Composition of residential rental leases and other leasing paperwork
  • Preparation of monthly rental activity reports
  • Preparation of reports for financial and development analysis for commercial properties
  • Obtaining of property specifications, code violations, lien searches, and construction permits
  • Maintenance of property databases and related documents
  • RPIE filing
  • Registration of buildings and rent stabilized units
  • Preparation of Rent Stabilized Leases
  • Maintenance billing, rent roll, invoices
  • Residential Leases renewal
  • Maintenance compliance with city & state building codes & taxes

Virtual Assistant Services

  • Preparation of property presentations, sale and lease contracts, closing documents
  • Analyzing of specific real estate deals using a combination of metrics
  • Full oversight of acquisition from start to finish, including cash flow forecasting, construction management and financial budgeting for portfolio
  • Management of correspondence
  • Calendar management: schedule appointments, conference calls
  • Draft agreements
  • Data verification/validation
  • Completing applications and forms on behalf of clients
  • Updating and maintaining lists and databases containing property information
  • Drafting requests based on templates
  • Assistance in bookkeeping and maintenance of staff files

Marketing Services

  • Preparation of marketing materials for PR initiatives
  • Research of prospects' real estate portfolios and contact information
  • Compiling and analyzing data for social media campaigns
  • Preparation and sending of marketing emails
  • Social Media Marketing

Customer Support Services

  • Providing of high-quality customer service
  • Outbound Calling
  • Customer Service Desk
  • Responding to web chat queries
  • Email Management