How It Works

Outsourcing is an effective business practice that can vastly improve your company’s overall value and performance. We are privately held company and we provide outsourcing and consulting services only to professionals from real estate industry. Hiring us you do not hire a “virtual employees”, independent contractors or remote freelancers, but an independent company with its own staff and employees. 

It is a standard business-to-business (B2B) situation.

If you are interested in our services, please contact us and discuss your project with our specialists.

You can choose one of the following working models:

2. Monthly Subscription Plan A – you subscribe to our company services on a monthly payment plan with 60 hours of work included. 

3. Monthly Subscription Plan B full-time support. We will provide full-time outsourcing services and unlimited support to your firm 24/7 without limitation. 

Also, we offer a one-week trial of a part-time Real Estate Virtual Assistant and administrative support specialist for your business. For just $200, you'll hire a professional real estate virtual assistant for 5 business days as a part-time employee to see how it works for you. 


Confidentiality and information security is the number one priority for our company! 

We use our unique internal information security systems and Microsoft 365 Business software to protect sensitive data and confidential information of our clients.