Why Real Estate Agents Should Outsource Their Marketing

Outsource Marketing

The average real estate agent spends a huge portion of their time on marketing, but here’s the thing: You can outsource your marketing, but you can’t outsource your client relationships.

Think about it. As a real estate agent, you have only so much time in a day. The time you spend marketing would be better-spent following up with prospects, answering calls, building listing presentations, showing properties, negotiating deals and more. While real estate agents by definition wear many hats, multitasking can be harmful in excess. According to the American Psychological Association, multitasking can reduce productivity by as much as 40 percent.

So… focus on what you’re good at, and what only you can do. You’re a real estate agent. You’re good at closing deals, talking to people and building relationships. The more time and effort you can put into that, the better. If you have the wherewithal, hiring marketers to do the dirty work is the perfect purchase: They’re professionals in their field, and you’re a professional in yours. It’s pure symbiosis.

Here are just a few of the many things Real Assistance, Inc. can do for you:

  • Marketing content creation. Real estate agents should be creating content and ads and establish credibility whenever and wherever they can. It usually takes a lot of time and effort to create valuable marketing content. Our company can create interesting and engaging marketing content, design, ads, and materials for your PR initiatives. Whether you need a banner, flyer, brochure, property presentation, postcard or email template, just contact Real Assistance and we will take care of it.

  • Run ads on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. With just a bit of information, we can create and execute ad campaigns on your behalf. Creating these ads yourself takes time, effort and resources. Putting this task in safe hands is money well spent — whether you want to promote a listing or build awareness in your community.

  • Contact leads. Reaching out to leads is something that has to be done as quickly as possible to maximize success. Our company will automate this process for you so can sleep at night without waking up in a cold sweat. Then, when you have time, you can pick up the conversation where the automation left off.

  • Email newsletters. Email newsletters are a popular form of content marketing within the real estate industry since emails are a common touchpoint between buyer and agent. You should be making the most of your contacts at all times, and sending content out to a listserv is an effective mode of attack. It can help you not only engage prospective clients but keep in touch with past customers.

  • Research of prospects' real estate portfolios and contact information. It is very important for each real estate agent to research, create and maintain the databases of prospects' portfolios and their contact information. Your lists of potential buyers and sellers are the fundamentals of your marketing efforts. Save your time outsourcing this task to our company and benefit from the results.

  • Website and Landing Pages design. The importance of having a high-performing and responsive website is not just an option in 2021 - it's a necessity. Real Estate is an industry that values beauty and elegance - and not just beautiful homes and properties. It's also important for your real estate organization to have a beautiful web design. Whether you represent a real estate company or a team of realtors, your web design must be both visually-stunning (to encourage visitors to stay awhile) and user-friendly (to make it easy for them to search for properties, forms and industry resources).

  • Real estate postcard design. Because of its local nature, real estate is an excellent candidate for direct mail marketing. Postcards can help agents introduce themselves to a local area and start building relationships with prospects. Printed postcards are tangible and more memorable than emails. Direct mail often earns a higher response rate than email, and brand recall is 70% higher among people who receive direct mail ads versus digital ones. There are lots of ways to use postcards for real estate marketing: announce new property listings, advertise your agency’s services, stay in touch with past & current clients, follow up with appointments, etc.

You may luck into sales here and there, but investing in marketing creates sustainable long-term growth. Once you outsource your marketing, you never have to think about it. You can and should check on it — just to ensure you’re getting results — but you don’t have any obligation to set aside part of your day for it. Working with Real Assistance, Inc. you’ll definitely get the most value for your time and money.

So, whether you choose to outsource or do your own real estate marketing, you can make it work. The only thing holding you back is you.