Research and Data Analysis Outsourcing

Research and Data Analysis Outsourcing

The experts from the real estate industry agree that to succeed in business you need more than the right equipment, financing, talent and experience. You must also have a stream of information about real estate market trends, prices, legal issues and a lot of other relevant data to be competitive in the industry. For a business to expand their services, to grow and improve in any aspect, it’s vital for their future success to do thorough research and data analysis.

Market research is a necessary aspect of the real estate business, regardless of its size or turnover. Before any significant decision is implemented, proper planning is absolutely essential. In this case, data is as precious as time and money. Real estate companies require data analytics and advanced search for information and they realize the significance of analytics solutions for that purpose. However, it becomes a costly process if decisions are made after conducting proper market research, through marketers employed in-house. Therefore, in order to develop successful solutions and strategies, companies are collaborating with outsourcing providers of analytics and research.

Basically, when you’re in need of research and data analysis services, you have two options here – one is to expand your team and the other one is to outsource. So, find out which benefits come with outsourcing and whether or not you find them relevant:

1) Save your time and money

Hiring new employees is a tiring process; you’ll have to meet up with a lot of people, go through their resumes and find out whether they can fit into your company or not. Paying close attention throughout this procedure is mandatory, and especially so if you’re expanding your company for a full department which will feed your company with data. Also, it will cost you not only your time and energy, but some additional expenses related to hiring process and performing the research itself. The thing about research and analysis services is that they are not necessary throughout the whole year. So, if you create a new department and hire people long-term, you’ll lose more money than you’ll be able to gain. Outsourcing is definitely a cheaper option when you look at the situation this way – when you sum up all the payroll costs of new employees, you won’t be satisfied with your ROI.

2) Outsource monotonous work

Providing research and data analysis services requires precision, discipline, and experience. Not everyone can deal with numbers and even a less can do a good job. Not only that research and data analysis requires precision, but the process is also created out of a line of repetitive and monotonous activities. When you outsource this kind of work to professionals, your existing team can dedicate their time and effort to dealing with more creative tasks.

3) Delegate data analysis and research tasks to professionals

When you’re hiring a new team for these purposes, chances are that you’ll surround yourself with people with different levels of professionalism. On the other hand, when you outsource this part of your job, you can be sure that your tasks will be completed by professionals. Of course, it’s necessary to do some research before finding a company who’s been in this line of work for a certain while and who can guarantee quality for you.

Therefore, unless you plan on attacking the research and data analysis market and making this niche a part of your business model, it’s definitely smarter for you to outsource these services. As we mentioned, you won’t have to pay for the full payroll costs, like you would if you were to hire full-time employees. Ultimately, it's simply a matter of numbers. Besides, you’ll save a lot of time and energy with outsourcing when compared to hiring, and the right timing is quite important.

Deciding whether to do market research or data analysis in-house or with an outsourcing provider is an important decision. For an honest and objective assessment of your goals, contact our team today.

Real Assistance, Inc. can reduce your expenses, save time, increase your efficiency, and thereby improve your bottom line. Our research and analysis services include the following:

Collection and analysis of data

Real estate market research

Legal Research

Research of prospects' real estate portfolios and contact information

Compiling and analyzing data for social media campaigns

Property Tax Projections

Customized Market Report preparation

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